Videos into SparkPost templates

 SparkPost - the most performant email delivery service

SparkPost - the most performant email delivery service

SparkPost sends a lot of email messages.

"Trusted to send 25% of the world's non-spam email."

Getting a SparkPost template with video - easy, just use the SparkPost integration.

How to use? Read on...


Using SparkPost Integration

  • Sign in to your SparkPost account in one tab, and Vid.One in another.
  • You'll need a SparkPost API Key.  These are found here:
    (note: SparkPost manages API Keys very securely - you can only see/copy the key string once, so store it in a secure place, just like a password.)
  • On Vid.One, go to the Share page for a completed video. ([videoID])
  • Click the SparkPost icon

This integration provides 2 different resources.

Option #1: Add Templates

  • To add email templates to your account, paste in that API key and type in one of the email accounts that's validated within Sparkpost.  Then 'Click To Add.'
  • Click over to the SparkPost templates area:
  • You should see 2 new templates for the selected video; one with an animated GIF, one with a still thumbnail.  The GIF and still thumbnail images are linked directly to the video landing page -[videoID]
  • Edit the templates to suit yourself. SparkPost's editor is a clean, powerful right-in-the-HTML view, so pay attention to closing tags!
One 'best practices' tip worth noting.  Generally speaking, traffic to your own web site is best.  If the video is on your web site, change the image link & send traffic there. 

Option #2:  Merge Tag

The second resource is a ready-to-use 'merge tag' - click on the Copy icon to the right to get that tag on the clipboard.

To use that merge tag in an existing SparkPost template, just paste in the merge tag.

The tag embeds the video graphic (hosted by Vid.One) within the email.  

Matthew Dunn