SendGrid Integration


SendGrid provides a massive platform for marketers and developers to handle email.  The SendGrid footer had this to say as of Fall 2017:

Over 55,000 paying customers trust SendGrid to send more than 30 billion emails every month.

Vid.One provides direct integration to SendGrid. 

Here's how it works.


 SendGrid- Send With Confidence

SendGrid- Send With Confidence

Using SendGrid Integration

  • Sign in to your SendGrid account in one tab, and Vid.One in another.
  • You'll need a SendGrid API Key.  These are found here:
    (note: SendGrid manages API Keys very securely - you can only see/copy the key string once, so store it in a secure place, just like a password.)
  • On Vid.One, go to the Share page for a completed video. ([videoID])
  • Click the SendGrid icon - the blue-rectangles visual you see top-right in this article.

This integration provides 2 different resources.

Option #1: Add Campaign Templates

  • To add email templates to your Campaigns, paste in that API key, and 'Click To Add.'
  • Click over to the SendGrid campaigns area
  • You should see 2 new campaign templates for the selected video; one with an animated GIF, one with a still thumbnail.  The GIF and still thumbnail images are linked directly to the video landing page -[videoID]
  • Edit the templates to suit yourself & use them in campaigns.
One 'best practices' tip worth noting.  Generally speaking, traffic to your own web site is best.  If the video is on your web site, change the image link & send traffic there. 
Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 12.50.19 PM.png

Option #2:  Merge Tag

The second resource is a ready-to-use 'merge tag' - click on the Copy icon to the right to get that tag on the clipboard.

To use that merge tag in an existing SendGrid template, add a Code Block to the template, and paste in the merge tag.

The tag embeds the video graphic (hosted by Vid.One) within the email.  

Option #3:  Graphics

Uploading the key graphics from a video into SendGrid can be handy.  To do that:

  • In Vid.One, download the thumbnail, GIF and GIF Teaser files from the Share page.
    The GIF file has all of the frames from the video; the Teaser has the first few seconds, plus a video Play button and a duration stamp.  This Teaser design showed a 50% increase in clickthroughs (over a still thumbnail), so it's a great option for campaigns.
  • In SendGrid, add an Image block, and upload the images.
  • SendGrid keeps your uploaded images available for future use.
Matthew Dunn